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Scamp Fishing in Orange Beach Gulf Shores

Remember when scamp fishing in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, Yellow Grouper look very similar. Many anglers get fooled but it is important to look at the scamp fish markings.


  • Color light gray or brown
  • Large adults with elongated caudal-fin rays
  • Reddish brown spots are on sides that tend to be grouped into lines
  • Some yellow around the corners of the mouth


Scamp are found around nearshore reefs off the northeastern coast, and on around offshore reefs in the Gulf.


These fish spawn in the late spring.  Scamp feed on small fish, squid, and crustaceans.  Young undergo a sex transformation from female to male as they becomes older.

Scamp fishing is deep water fishing in Orange Beach. Best to get an experience Orange Beach fishing charter to get you on these fish. Season opens around April 1st.

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