A: Yes, if we are not on a, previously scheduled private charter, we invite you to jump aboard and start fishing Gulf Shores Al. We sometimes schedule a day or two per week for walk-on fishing trips during season, just call to find out, or schedule a charter today!

A: Unfortunately, whether 1 person, 6 people up to 10 people, it is the same price, however, the advantages of fewer people mean more room, because The boat is yours! The cost for up to 10 people, covers the total cost of the trip, fewer people, same trip. If interested, we are capable of carrying more than 10, however, we do charge for each additional person, due to gear and gas costs. Check out our Orange Beach & Gulf Shores Fishing Prices.

A: Plenty of water, soft drinks, sports drinks, and beer is allowed (cans only) any kind of food we have a microwave to heat up anything you want. GREEN EGG ONBOARD for your grilling pleasure, charcoal provided. Sunscreen, hats, and a rain jacket just in case.

A: If you are prone, take a dose of Dramamine the night before and the morning of the trip after a light breakfast.

A: Cut Bait, tackle, licenses, ice for fish while onboard and instructions.

A: 21-day cancellation policy. If the weather is to rough the day of the trip your deposit will be refunded.

A: YES! The deckhand is a very important part of your trip’s success. He earns his living from your tips and fish cleaning service. A customary tip is 18-20 percent of the trip price.

A: Yes, by all means, bring it, if it is not sufficient for our type of fishing we will let you know and you can use ours.

A: We have all types of bottom fishing trips and the distance and depth varies. We travel on an average about 30-40 miles on all day trips and anywhere from 50-300 feet of water.